About Paul Parin

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Hello and welcome to paulparin.com.

This is my site to showcase my photographic imagery, artworks and also provide a space to promote my specialist printing services.

I am a creative, innovative, hands-on professional with high level expertise in the visual arts, multidisciplinary media, art direction, exhibition and project management. I have great abilities to teach, mentor, advise, consult, organise and manage projects, staff, colleagues, contractors and clientele alike.

Primarily though I am a photographic artist with 20+ years of creating and crafting my image collection. I have travelled extensively, far and wide to create my work and I am very pleased to present it to you here.

For 15 years I ran my own studio/gallery in Mt Hawthorn, Western Australia where I was an early adopter in fine art, pigment inked printing on both canvas and fine art papers. I spent many years of trial and error perfecting my printing craft to bring out the very best in my own imagery and as a natural extension of this I have offered my printing services to a discerning clientele of artists and photographers who wished to utilise my services also.

I have taught many workshops and tutorials to staff and students from various schools, institutions and private groups. I have led tour groups throughout the Pilbara & Kimberley in Western Australia and managed and mentored a photographic tour group through travels in India. I have also judged many photographic exhibitions from the Perth Royal Show, local government and professional photography organisations.

I have a strong work ethic. I am passionate, dedicated, honest and loyal to those I work for and those I work with.

Feel free to contact me to discuss purchasing my imagery, printed or otherwise and also any printing requirements you may have.

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Pul Parin by Matt Galligan

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Your premium canvas print is spray finished with three coats of lacquer to seal, protect and bring out the best colour vibrancy and lustre. We can then stretch your printed canvas onto our unique 42mm stretcher frame and finish with our optional custom made, beautiful real timber or painted shadow edge frames. Guaranteed to turn heads for a closer look!

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Lacquered canvas stretched onto 42mm stretcher frame and fitted with optional painted grey shadow edge frame.

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Lacquered canvas stretched to our 42mm stretcher frame and finished with our custom made real Jarrah timber, shadow edge frame.

[/et_pb_slide][et_pb_slide heading=”Certified Canson Master Printer” image=”http://paulparin.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Canson-Certified-Master-768×770-white.png” _builder_version=”3.17.6″]

Fully calibrated closed loop system with specialised custom colour profiles for a range of our preferred Canson Infinity Papers and Canvas ensures class leading colour accuracy and archival longevity.