We had a relatively large void wall space to fill and decided on a fairly unusual idea: a large canvas print of a cloud in the sky. Our original idea involved a single canvas. However, our research revealed that it have been difficult, if not impossible, to get a print that size of sufficient print quality. There was also the “minor” challenge of getting something 2.6 x 2.6 meters long/wide into the house. After several months of liaising with a couple of large-scale print services, the project was getting nowhere. However, once we found and contacted Paul, the project gained momentum and came to fruition without any problems or delays. Paul also agreed to a reasonable price (print and installation). Given the size, Paul recommended producing the canvas print project as a triptych. We were reluctant at first, but, all things considered, it has proven the right decision.
We spent some time experimenting with the blue sky colour (in Photoshop), as the wall paint colour is a warm mid-grey with some green undertones: i.e., not a colour that works with blue very easily. Consequently, it was crucial that the printer print the blue colour we had produced in Photoshop, faithfully. We were very pleased to see that Paul’s printer produced a remarkably accurate colours, as well as quality, especially given the size
Stretching and installation was conducted professionally. It did require some persistence to install all three prints near perfectly, and Paul and his installation partner Graham were happy to oblige. We could tell they weren’t just doing a job to get paid. They wanted to get it right.
We are so happy with how this project has come out that we are already considering additional prints around the house. We will definitely be contacting Paul, when we decide to pursue these projects later.