Hollywood Private Hospital

In 2018 I was fortunate to receive two commissions from Ramsey Healthcare Australia to produce and install some custom built artwork into two of their Western Australian Hospitals, Hollywood and Glengarry Private Hospitals.

This series from Hollywood Hospital below was designed to provide the new Mental Health Clinic and the adjoining cafeteria with a diverse selection of Western Australian themed artworks that would offer a sense of place, texture and relaxation.

The response from staff, visitors and patients alike has been very positive with many people recounting to me the recollection of places visited and the stimulation and positive well being that they have enjoyed by viewing my artworks. I personally think that this installation works particularly well as a larger body of works that interlink together in theme and sight lines to tell a broader and more tactile Western Australian story.

Thankyou Hollywood Private Hospital and Ramsey Healthcare Australia for your support!

Glengarry Private Hospital 

Earlier in 2018 I completed a significant installation of my artwork into the new Early Parenting Centre at Glengarry Private Hospital.

The selection of artworks was specifically curated to help promote a sense of tranquility and calm for the patients that are staying at this new live-in facility.

I also installed a selection of works into the main public entrance to assist in creating a positive, welcoming entry statement for patients, visitors and staff alike.

The final part of this install was a selection of specifically selected artworks for the hospital executive suites.

The overall response and feedback has been very positive.

Thankyou to Glengarry Hospital and the parent Ramsey Health Australia for your support!