Specialised Three Panel, Print and Install Project

Specialised Three Panel, Print and Install Project

So late last year I upgraded my trusty and well used Epson printer to the new Canon Pro-6000, 60″ fine art machine. I also had some beautifully precise custom profiles made up by Les Walkling as part of the Canson Master Printer Accreditation program which has now allowed my practice to achieve a new high standard of photographic and fine art printing quality and calibrated accuracy.

This image is a large scale job I printed out over the weekend consisting of three large 82 x 260cm panels which we will now finish with three coats of lacquer and build custom made stretcher frames for the canvas to be wrapped to. The job will be completed with a tricky install into a high void area in. Stay tuned…

So for all you wondering how the three large cloud panels turned out here’s Graham doing some fine tuning to the installation of these on Thursday. With three 260cm long panels hanging side by side with a 7cm gap the alignment and install had to be very precise. Very happy with the final result as were my discerning clients who commissioned this job. It’s always very satisfying to see the finished result after working through the details and various project considerations.

For all your discerning photographic, fine art printing and finishing requirements don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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